This is a mentoring programme for women in business, who want to become more purposeful leaders. We pair professional women with refugee and asylum seeking women for four months of 1:1 mentoring.


High quality training


A meaningful new relationship


Real impact for mentor+mentee

"A wholly unique and rewarding experience. I've felt supported, challenged and completely inspired by the women I've met, especially my mentee and friend, Noor. I learned as much in ten weeks as I have from years of training and professional mentoring."

—Mylinh Cao, Head of Creative Content, Department of Business Energy and Industrial Strategy

Mentoring with Routes

This is a women’s mentoring programme with a difference: we develop authentic, compassionate, purposeful leaders, whilst supporting women seeking safety in the UK to grow in confidence, build connections and access opportunities.

Our mentoring programme for women in business is designed to benefit both mentor and mentee. Mentees are supported to identify their goals and design a plan of action to achieve them: from writing a CV and applying for jobs, to finding volunteering opportunities, improving digital skills and more. At the same time, mentors are supported to develop leadership and communication skills, through intensive training and practical experience.

“As a leader and colleague I will listen more, ask more questions and try to widen my understanding wherever possible. And as an employer I will improve my practices to be more inclusive and understand that sometimes people's ability isn't always obvious from their CV...”

— Sally Catmull, Head of Communications and External Affairs, UK Community Foundations

Sally Catmull

The impact — mentors

  • Mentors learn communication, listening and leadership skills, whilst learning to manage others, reflect and set goals.

  • Mentors become more confident, patient and compassionate.

  • Mentors feel more confident in their mentoring ability by the end of the programme (improving from an average of 5/10 at the start of the programme to an average of 9/10 by the end of the programme).

  • Mentors benefit from new personal and professional connections with fellow mentors, widening their own networks.

  • Many mentors and mentees develop meaningful relationships, staying in touch beyond the programme’s official end.

The impact — mentees

  • 70% of mentees say they reached their goals by the end of the programme.

  • 100% of mentees who reached their goals say that they were able to reach their goals because of their mentor.

  • Previous mentees have: got a job; been accepted to college; applied to university; applied to volunteering opportunities; learnt new digital skills; improved spoken and written English; applied for funding to launch a business; delivered a public talk and more.

  • 100% of mentees would recommend the programme to a friend.

Past and current mentors have joined us from…

“We all get absorbed in our day to day lives… through programs like Routes you are able to step outside of your comfort zone and take on the challenge of making a difference.”

— Nahida Rahman, Comms Planning Director, M/Six

We are looking for passionate, empathetic and committed women to be Routes mentors. You don’t have to have been a mentor before to sign up - we will give you all the training you need to become a mentor who can really make a difference.